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If you want your wedding to be great, then you need to hire a great dj. Take a look at our video!

Wedding Tips – Your name in lights! – Gobo light!

This question comes up all the time: What is a gobo light?

A gobo light is a special light that allows me to project your name or logo onto the wall or dance floor and put it in lights.

This is a great method to commemorate a wedding or other special occasion.

You should really consider this when you are getting married. This is something that really adds to the personalization of your wedding day.

gobo light

Put your name in lights!

Wedding Tips – When should you book your dj? 6 months, 1 year, a year and a half ahead of time?

This is a really good questions that I get asked all the time. People will ask me when do you need to know that I want to hire you for my wedding?  The best answer I can give you is this: the sooner the better. If you want a really good dj, then you should be booking them after you pick your venue. They should be right up there with the photographer and the caterer. Of course, there are many djs you can pick up at the last minute. Let’s remember though we are not a commodity like sugar. All sugar is relatively the same so price is the determining factor.

I would rather compare us to a fine dinner. You are willing to pay more for a fine dinner because you know you are going to savor and enjoy it. It should be the same with a great wedding dj. This should be someone who’s work you will enjoy and you will be able to look back on with fond memories!

Really popular days are already being booked 1.5 years out, other dates a year, and some six months ahead of time.

bride dancing

The bride and groom are having a great time with a really great wedding dj!

Music Express – DJ Prices – Wedding DJ Prices -Posted prices right on our website – Fresno Wedding DJ Prices – Visalia, Sanger, Madera, Merced Wedding DJ Prices

How much does your service cost? That is the number one question that I get on the phone. We post our prices right on our website!

Let me tell you that many djs will not tell you their prices on the phone. Many of them want to get you in their office so they can use high pressure tactics.

Usually I start a conversation about my services, and I talk to the potential client about their needs. After that,  this is when we look at what the best package will be for them based on price! There is much more to a dj than price. What kind of experience do they have? Can they get the crowd on the dance floor? Are they a great emcee? There are lots of other important questions, but these three I just mentioned are really important.

Something else you might want to consider is lighting. Every wedding could benefit from some lighting! This is the one area where brides will try to cut corners. The only problem with that is most of the time they do not really know what they are turning down. Take a look at our wedding lighting!

Well you probably came here to look at prices! Here they are so you can make an intelligent decision:

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