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Whether your are looking for a great Fresno DJ for your wedding, special event, or celebration Music Express is the answer! We are experienced djs that know how to make sure your guests have fun!

Do I need music before the ceremony begins? Wedding TIps

This is a great question that most brides will ask me before their wedding takes place. A lot of couples will be quick to say that they probably do not need music before the ceremony.

This is probably not the best choice. When your guests arrive to your ceremony they are looking for a signal that says the ceremony is about to begin. If you have background music while your guests arrive then that lets them know that the ceremony will be starting shortly.

If there is no music, then you will probably have to get your guests rounded up before the wedding starts so that you can get them to sit down. With the music playing, this is their cue to go ahead and sit down  because the ceremony will be beginning shortly.

Of course as most of us already know, most weddings do not start on time! However, if you pick some great pre-ceremony music then your guests will be happy sitting and waiting for the bridal party, and of course for the bride to arrive and go down the aisle!

How much time does it take the dj to prepare for a wedding?


You get paid how much? Many people think that the wedding dj just works for the number or hours that they are at the wedding. This is not true.

If you hire a true professional to perform at your wedding, then professional djs with experience know that you have to put in many many hours  of preparation to provide an exceptional experience for the bride and groom.  Consultations take from 2-4 hours, pre-reception coordination takes 1 hour, event preparation along with setup and travel is 5 to 10 hours, on site assistant production sound engineer 7 to 12 hours, and event performance 4-8 hours. This takes the total time to 19 to 35 hours of time invested in your wedding!

This is the sign of a true professionl such as Music Express wedding djs.

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