Are you looking for a great Fresno DJ?

Whether your are looking for a great Fresno DJ for your wedding, special event, or celebration Music Express is the answer! We are experienced djs that know how to make sure your guests have fun!

So you finally popped the question! Now what?

You want to make your wedding great; so, you better start planning. You need to find a venue, a caterer, a photographer, a dress, invitations, an entertainer…slow down for a minute! Yes you have to find all of these things, but you also have to prioritize. Many people wait to the last-minute to find a dj for their wedding; not realizing that the best ones get booked first! Popular djs might be booked 6 months to a 1.5 years ahead of time!

Make sure you put the dj up there with the venue, photographer, and caterer.

One of the great things a really great dj can do for you is introduce you to your guests for you first dance while sharing your love story that has brought you there. They can even provide pre-recorded clips ahead of time from the bride or the groom to each other.

This is just one example of how a great dj can make things really special for you.

Make sure you make great memories on your wedding day!