The first dance – after bridal party introductions or after cutting of the cake?

Should we have the first dance after the bridal party introductions or after the cutting of the cake? This is one of those questions that brides ask while they are planning their wedding.

While it is entirely proper to do it either way, there are pros and cons to having your first dance after the bridal party introductions. The pros being that your guests are already focused on you after the bridal party introduction, and this is a dramatic time to have your first dance while all your guests are still present. The cons being that this is one of the highlights of the reception, and then you are going to stop all the excitement to sit down and  have dinner. Many guests will think that they have already seen you dance so they may leave at the end of dinner.

When you save the first dance until after dinner, this is the time to engage your guests in your reception celebration. The first dance will be followed usually by the father/daughter dance, the mother/dance, and then an all dance number which kicks off the dancing for the evening!

Remember it is your choice and the bride should always have things in the manner she would like them on her wedding day!

First Dance

Introducing your parents – wedding reception tips

When is the most appropriate time to introduce the bride and groom’s parents? In my opinion, the best time to do this is in the middle of dinner long before the toast. This gives your parents the attention they deserve before everyone gets involved in all the other events that will take place during the reception. The announcement of your parents is traditional.

How much time does it take the dj to prepare for a wedding?


You get paid how much? Many people think that the wedding dj just works for the number or hours that they are at the wedding. This is not true.

If you hire a true professional to perform at your wedding, then professional djs with experience know that you have to put in many many hours  of preparation to provide an exceptional experience for the bride and groom.  Consultations take from 2-4 hours, pre-reception coordination takes 1 hour, event preparation along with setup and travel is 5 to 10 hours, on site assistant production sound engineer 7 to 12 hours, and event performance 4-8 hours. This takes the total time to 19 to 35 hours of time invested in your wedding!

This is the sign of a true professionl such as Music Express wedding djs.

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